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Principles of Verilog PLI
Swapnajit Mittra
400 pgs, March 1999
Kluwer Academic Publishers
ISBN: 0-7923-8477-6
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Chapter 1:  PLI - A Quick Tour

Chapter 2:  Fundamentals of Verilog PLI

Chapter 3:  Utility Routines in PLI1.0

Chapter 4:  Access Routines in PLI1.0

Chapter 5:  Putting PLI to Work

Chapter 6:  Writing Bus Functional Model

Chapter 7:  Verilog Procedural Interface (PLI2.0)

Chapter 8:  Library Functions in VPI

Outside the domain of vendor-manuals and standards, this is the first reference book entirely devoted to Verilog PLI. It has been written keeping in mind the need of hardware logic and verification engineers and the most common problems they face.

The book starts with a Quick Start chapter, which lets the beginners to get a head start. Each subsequent chapter delves into the details of a particular topic of the subject.

It covers both PLI1.0 and PLI2.0 and numerous examples are presented throughout the book. Apart from them, the book also has a dedicated chapter for examples of the most commonly used applications of Verilog PLI.

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