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Welcome to the IP Core section of Project VeriPage. An IP core implements a specific algorithm that can be used for SOC applications. IP cores are gaining considerable momentum given their contribution to cut design and verification time and overall time-to-market.

Project VeriPage specializes on cryptographic IP cores. We offer many standards as well as new and upcoming cryptographic algorithms on our IP cores.

Project VeriPage Guarantees

  • At Project VeriPage, we understand that use of an IP core in a custom design is not a 'cut-and-paste' operation. This is why we take time to understand your requirements and customize the IP to your need (some restrictions apply).
  • All email supports are free for 6 months after the purchase of an IP.
  • Educational and research organizations get a 20% discounts on all IP cores and services.

We invite you to explore the cores on the rightmost column. And as always, do not hesitate to write to us for your specific IP core needs.

Project VeriPage IP Cores
  • Pancham: is an MD5 compliant IP core. It has been designed to make it fully customizable for SOC applications. Pancham has been released as open source under LGPL (the first, and so far the only, MD5 IP core to be released this way).
    • Pancham homepage is located here. Go here to download the IP core and read its usage.
    • Pancham is getting some press. Click here to read the EE Design/EE Times article on Pancham.
    • Project VeriPage also provides service for this IP core. Please contact us for pricing information.
  • Yaksha: is an AES compliant block cipher IP core. Yaksha implements all key sizes and both encryption and decryption. Please contact us for pricing and availability.
  • Chameli: is an IP core that implements Camellia IP core. Please contact us for pricing and availability.

We also provide design services for other non-cryptographic IP core application. Just contact us and we will be glad to help.

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