So you have just completed your PLI application and it is all set to run. But as you try running it, disappointment follows. Is there a core dump ? Or, does your application hang ? Or, may be the result is simply unexpected. So, what's next ?

If you are a software professional, you know the answer: you will have to debug your code. It is estimated that almost 40% of the total development time of any modern software, before and after its release, is spent in - you guessed it right - debugging. PLI being similar to software development is no exception to that. Moreover, since it stands in the borderline of two different languages, the debugging procedure is little more involved than normal softwares.

Now, that was not meant to scare you. A PLI application has the advantage of being integrated to a simulator, which may not be fully bug-free, but at least it is already commercially tested. So, you are not completely starting from scratch. All the libraries that you use are tested too.

This tutorial walks you through the debugging process for a PLI application in three parts. Click on a link below to reach that part.



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