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Got a terrific application to share? Help out your peers to get a jump start!

I. What is this about ?

Got a PLI application that you want to share? Has a killer trick in SystemVerilog that solves the problem in seconds, in stead of days? Here is your chance to help somebody to break the ice. As all of us know, language manuals are not the best places to start learning as complex a paradigm as PLI or DPI. This is where you can help - post your application at our site and help your peers across the world to get a jump start.

Posting an application to our site is as easy as 1-2-3 - just follow the three steps. Better yet, you have just completed the step I - reading about what it is. Here are the other two.

II. Let's play by the rules

Here are some rules/guidelines for submitting an article.

1. Licensing/Ownership:

Pretty much same as the GNU copyleft policy. There is no money involved in the entire process. You make your code public, in return you get good will/publicity. Project VeriPage "owns" the code to archive it. Project VeriPage bears absolutely no responsibility to verify whether the submitter is the actual owner of the code or any other kind of IP violation.

The bottom line is - the whole process is based on good faith.

2. Article guidelines:

Please add a little explanatory text to your code. Remember that no matter how elegant/useful your code is, it is of very little use if another person can not understand/use it.

For each application/model/program, make a short write-up ideally consisting of the following parts:

  • A title and your affiliation.
  • Introduction (what your application does).
  • A sample code using your routine/model.
  • The actual implementation with supporting code.
  • The name of the simulator/other tool that you have used to verify this application/model.

Do not worry about HTML formatting - we will take care of that.

III. And email it to us

That's it. Now just email your article to us at e-mail. We will let you know as soon as your article is selected.

Good luck!


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