Verilog PLI and SystemVerilog DPI

On this page, we will find a list of resources to help you understand and use Verilog PLI and its successor SystemVerilog DPI. One of the most popular part of our site, it is also the most actively participated part. So, look around and, if you have something that you want to share with others, let us know.

SystemVerilog DPI Tutorial

This tutorial introduces you to the SystemVerilog DPI and shows you how to take advantage of it in your simulation environment. [More...]

A Beginner's Guide to PLI

This PLI Tutorial is meant for people who want to get started with PLI with minimum effort. [More...]

Welcome to the Wonderland of Verilog PLI !

A collection of PLI applications written by real designers and verification people like you. [More...]

Frequently asked questions about Verilog PLI

You have a question on PLI, we have an answer. [More...]

Debugging Your PLI Routine

Some quick tips on how to debug your PLI application. [More...]

Using C++ for creating PLI applications

So you are a C++ fan, and want to use C++ for PLI applications. [More...]


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