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A list of things that have been updated lately.

12/24/2012: Lots of things changed in last three years on this site, of course. However, they did not make it to this page. Two recent additions are (1) Project VeriPage is now linked to its sister social networking group Verification Management on LinkedIn. (2) A translation service is now added for all pages, if you come from a non-english speaking background, using Bing Translation Service.
05/17/2009: Project VeriPage is now a proud search partner for Microsoft Live Search.
05/09/2009: Part 1 of the Low Power Design Tutorial has been added.
04/09/2009: A 'Book of the Month' section is available on the right column of every page.
04/08/2009: SystemVerilog Cover Property tutorial.
03/09/2009: The Book Store has been updated with new titles as well as some more classic ones.
02/09/2009: An archive section of our recent newsletters is added.
09/21/2005: SystemVerilog Assertion: Part 5 - Associating Sense with a Property.
08/21/2005: SystemVerilog Assertion: Part 4 - The Property Layer.
07/21/2005: SystemVerilog Assertion: Part 3 - Sequence Matching Operators.
06/21/2005: PSL Tutorial: Part 3.
06/21/2005: SystemVerilog Assertion: Part 2 - Sequences: Introduction.
06/21/2005: SystemVerilog Dynamic Array.
05/21/2005: SystemVerilog Clocking Block.
05/21/2005: SystemVerilog Assertion: Part 1 - The Ground Work.
05/21/2005: PSL Tutorial: Part 2.
05/16/2005: A newly renovated Books section.
05/13/2005: Minor change in layout (Version 4 Rev 4). Project VeriPage is now a proud associate of Amazon Inc. PVP Publications are now available from the front page (and every page).
04/21/2005: PSL Tutorial: Part 1.
04/21/2005: SV DPI Tutorial: C Layer: Part 2.
03/21/2005: SV DPI Tutorial: C Layer: Part 1.
02/21/2005: SV Interfaces.
01/21/2005: Front page Version 4, Rev 3 released.
01/21/2005: SV Program Blocks.
12/20/2004: Privacy policy revamped.
12/13/2004: SV Interprocess Communication and Synchronization: Part 2.
11/21/2004: SV Interprocess Communication and Synchronization: Part 1.
10/21/2004: Concluding part of the article on SV class.
09/21/2004: SystemVerilog DPI tutorial.
08/21/2004: Part 2 of the article on SV class.
07/28/2004: Part 1 of the article on SV class.
06/19/2004: New website layout.
06/16/2004: Article on SV structure.


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